Beautiful Leopard Print Dress

I am getting more and more into leopard print, I think it is hard to pluck up the courage to start wearing it but when you do its hard to stop. This Manoush Leopard Print and Daisy print dress is simply stunning. Available from ASOS for £360 so a little out of the price bracket, although this could be made by attaching daisy's and lace onto a normal Leopard print dress - I'll give it a try and post the results!

1960's English Summer

Great picture!

Bag obsession!

Lately my obsession with handbags has got a little out of control so just for kicks here are a few more which i love!
1. The Cambridge Satchel Companies old school satchel in pink, a bit pricey at around £50 but worth it.
2. The Gracie bag from Firorelli, a bit of a bargain at £65 as it is massive so you could use it as a weekend bag or just as a huge cool handbag.
3. River Islands hobo knitted bag (£39.99) which is perfect for your knitting utensils!

Hello Kitty Luggage

I adore Hello Kitty and this suitcase is just the icing on the cake, however (and there is always one), this suitcase is made to order and I can't find out the cost - meaning its crazy expensive! Oh well another thing I can dream of having!

Gothic Lips

Loving the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Violet, it really captures the gothic trend which is taking over at the moment, but without looking like a goth!

Seven Dials Shopping Weekend

Ah the credit crunch, its not all that bad as retailers feel the need to have discount days more often. From the 24th - 27th September Seven Dials (London's Covent Garden) is holding a discount shopping weekend where you will receive 20% discount at stores such as American Apparel and All Saints - which is perfect as the clothes in these shops are sometimes a little too pricey, think I will be needing some AA spangle leggings!
All you need to do is log onto to register for your discount vouchers.
Do it now!

For all you gadget lovers...

Orange is launching the LG watch phone! It actually looks pretty cool and will be being sold exclusively at the Bond Street Station Orange Shop in London, it cost £500 and will be sold on a first come first served basis so I would get camping outside now as it goes on sale this Thursday 27th August!! It doesn't look that bad, but just wait a little while I'm sure this will catch on.Look at the demo on You Tube

Cycle Heaven!

Following my posts about my rubbish Mountain bike, I have been delving a little more into the world of Chic Cycling and found this brilliant website: This site is what us girls and guys need to stay stylish while keeping fit and cycling around, Caz has brought chic back to cycling and we agree with her attitude to rid the world of ugly lycra and hi vis clothing! Caz we salute you!
You have to go and have a look at her blog as it the mecca for us chic cyclists! Love It!!!

Dutch Bikes

Having spent most of my weekend on the internet bored, I discovered my absolute hatred for my boring Mountain bike which does not make me look fabulous, and realised that this Dutchie bicycle is my cycling fashion saviour!
I will be trading in my rubbish Mountain Bike and sprayed pink bmx (which i love but look a bit silly on!) at Camden Cycles which is a cycle recycling shop and getting one of these brilliant Dutchie bikes! I can't wait!! And at £239.99 for a single gear ladies bike I don't think that it will break the bank (well if it does its worth it!)

Bag Lust

There are so many scrummy clutch bags out at the moment, and you don't have to rob a bank to afford them all! Although I never use clutch bags as I carry around too much crap I can still admire these from afar!
Firsty above i the sexy Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutch which is sheer rock chic, and at £795 you need to be a rock star to afford it! (Net-A-Porter)
Secondly the cute leopard print clutch from ASOS is an absolute bargain for £25!
Thirdly is the very on trend box bag from Reiss which comes in at a medium affordability of £79.
And finally for you celebrities out there the Adam Harvey 'Anti Paparazzi' clutch may come in handy. This clutch detects the flash of a paps lens and responds with another stronger flash so any pictures will be ruined!Don't know the price on this one yet but if you need this you probably will be able to afford it!

Judith Leiber Clutches

Judith, I take it all back! Although the parrot clutch is horrible the owl clutch is pure indulgence genius! Although again being £3,470 this is a massive amount for a novelty bag!

Judith Leiber parrot clutch

I am a big fan of crystal embellished clutches, however I think that this Judith Leiber parrot clutch is going a little too far! And at £4,680 from Net A Porter I think that the joke will be on whoever buys this! Lets see which celeb is spotted with this first!

Glam Rock Fashion

So we are all being told that the next big thing in fashion is Glam Rock! This is all good, we can just drag on some leather leggings and an over sized t-shirt, and what better accessory than the Lulu Guinness lips clutch in black! If you have £225 kicking around to spend on a clutch that is! You can always get a bit of the Lulu Guinness fashion with the over sized pearl ring which is £45 so not too bank breaking.

Johnny Cupcakes

The best t-shirt designer ever! Enough said, go and look at the site and the blog from Johnny Cupcake himself! The shop looks amazing, unfortunately he only has them in America at the moment but hopefully one day he will bring over this amazing concept company to the UK, until then we will have to make do with ordering online!

Tea Pot Ring

I am such a big tea drinker and one day wish to own a tea shop and this ring will inspire me to grab that dream! This is from the Etsy website which I am now obsessed with! The sellers name is LunarraStar and they make loads of adorable jewellery like Alice in Wonderland pendants and Chershire Cat rings!

Crazy shoes

Thank you to my friend Rupal for sending me a picture of these crazy shoes with heart heels, they are so cute. They are from an eBay shop called Show Story and come from China which sucks a little as they only go up to a size 6.5 and I'm a seven! Damn my big feet! This store also sells some clutch bags, but I think the shoes are the best as they are so crazy! The shoes are all pretty reasonable at £25-30 inc postage.

Fearne for

Fearne Cotton is one of the latest in a long line of celebrities to collaborate with a brand to make her own fashion line. Fearne has teamed up with to produce a very simple capsule range - and that's the problem, it is very very simple just basically consisting of skinny jeans, stripy tops and black skirts. There is a nice red duffel coat in the collection RRP £75 and a jumper dress RRP £35 but to be honest you can get better and cheaper fashion in any regular high street store so I can't see this taking off. Have a look and see what you think @ You would have thought with Fearne's supposed love of art and fashion that she could have come up with something a little more adventurous than this!

Pammy for VW or Madge for LV

Vivienne Westwood is an absolute genius and her advertising team should be very happy with the collaboration with Pamela Anderson - this should not work but it really does! The advertising features Viv, Pammy and her husband Andreas Kronthaler, its all a bit trashy but looks fab! Pitty the Madonna and Louis Vuitton ads didn't work! She ends up looking like a bit of an old mess, and the airbrushing is so over the top that you end up not even looking at the products! Shame on you LV advertising team, maybe you should look to Viv for your inspiration.

Lego Appliances

I love all things Lego related and own a great set of Lego salt and pepper shakers, so imagine how happy I was to discover Lego kitchen scales! They are brilliant!
Available from - there is also loads of other great Lego gift ideas on this website, love it!

Nina's Hair Parlour

I am a real lover of retro hair styles and have found a gem of a hair parlour in London called Nina's which specialises in retro do's!
They also run classes which will teach you how to do the hair style and make up of the era which you love, such as fingerweaving! These classes are not cheap at around £90, but if this is something you really love I think it is worth the investment.
The parlour is located off Marylebone road and is very easy to find.
Nina's Hair Parlour
Alfies Antique Market
1st Floor
13 Church Street

I have just discovered an amazing buying and selling website called Etsy! Etsy is an online marketplace like Ebay but it is devoted to items which are handmade, as well as vintage goods and crafting supplies.
One of my favourite sellers is Pink Y Ane La (PinkyAnela) who sells loads of hello kitty / pink / tacky stuff which is amazing!

Also another favourite seller is Enlyl's Realm which sells beautiful jewellery which is made by the lovely Audrey. You can find all of her Gothic inspired jewellery which is made with luxurious lace and velvet materials combined with a carefully selected choice of vintage metals on the Etsy site. I love this antique silver dragon fly necklace which is for sale at the moment, but you must hurry as her designs do not stay on the shelf for long!