Disney Couture

OK so I know that this jewellery range from Disney has been out for a while but I still can't stop looking at them! They are so cute and fairly reasonably priced for something 'couture'. They are available from ASOS or SpoiledBrat.co.uk .
I am in love with the Pocahontas gold compass locket necklace RRP £62.50 and the Peter Pan inspired treasure chest ring RRP £42.50 just adorable! The perfect Christmas present I think (hint hint!!)

Reebok and Super Super's Namalee

tTonight in a small funky secret location in Shoreditch, Namalee the creator of the fabulous magazine Super Super, will be introducing the Reebok Global Freestyle Series from London.
This concept was launched in 2008 to capture the essence of a City and an ambassador of that city. In this case London and Namalee!
The launch will be showcasing artwork by Namalee which will underline the flavour of the series, so hopefully I will be able to get some sneaky pics to you in the near future!

New Irregular Choice Bags!

I have managed to get a sneak preview of the new Irregular Choice bags which will be released in October 2009! I love the little cat faces they have introduced, and my source says the prices aren't too bad either approx £30 for a large bag! They are also releasing a variety of tote bags, one with their now famous robot on them.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Ballet Shoes

So Marc Jacobs new venture is the Miss Marc range which is going a massive step away from his other lines. They are aimed at a younger market, and for those of us who like a little more fun in their wardrobes! One of the key pieces are the adorable ballet flats and flip flops which feature the little 'Miss Marc' lady. I haven't found where these are being stocked yet but when i do i will post it up.

Charlotte Olympia Shoe Heaven

I am completely in love with Charlotte Olympia's shoes with their themed platform lifts all the way through the new collections. My particular favourites are the red polka dot ones available on net-a-porter.com (unfortunately they are around £400 so may be time to get saving)!

Lovebox Weekender Info

The Lovebox Weekender is nearly upon us and I personally can not wait to see the legends that are Duran Duran!!! I just hope that Mark Ronson doesn't ruin it as he is joining them on stage.

So just an update that the lineup times are released on Thursday 16th July from http://www.lovebox.net/ and when looking on the map it looks like the day will be brilliant especially for you gin lovers as there is a 'Gordon's Gin Sanctuary', also the 'All Star Lanes' will be there with the first ever festival bowling alley!!
I can't wait!

Statement Wild Shoes!

There are some real gems in the couture fashion shoe world for AW10, including the amazing Valentino shoes above with the black waves on a nude court. However, for those of us who do not earn a footballers wage packet then there are some great high street alternatives to feed our shoe fetishes.

Irregular Choice are one of the most dreamiest shoe shops in the world, especially since they opened a shop on Carnaby Street (pictured above). I really like their 'Iced Gem Abigail' shoe boots with their paisley trim - very Edwardian! You can get these from Amazon for £69.99.

Britney Spears Candies Photoshoot

Candies shoes are an American shoe company who have always managed to get great American female celebrities in their advertising campaigns such as, Hillary Duff, Ashlee Simpson and Fergie. Their main advertising draw is Miss Britney Spears, however in their recent 2009 campaigns they have made her look really weird. She has been airbrushed to an inch of her life making her face look crazy and her hair look really really fake! I don't know what the Candies advertising team were thinking, but I suppose it made me look!

Maxi Dress Yes or No

The maxi dress is again making a comeback this summer. Whilst only the brave of us wore these last summer we seem a bit more inclined to give it another go this year.
Its a hard look to pull off, you either look like a earth goddess in this or an old frump at a summer wedding! I think the hardest thing to pull of with this look is what you wear when the sun goes in and those bare shoulders are starting to freeze, there are only a few options:

  • A scarf / pashmina (The problem with this is you do actually look like you are coming from a wedding or ball. Basically it looks shit so stop doing it!)

  • The cardigan (Sounds simple but it is actually quiet difficult, a long one will probably swamp you and make it look like your clothes are too big, a short one can work but short cardigans are a bit naff!)

  • Denim jacket / Blazer (I personally think these 2 are the best options when trying to add a top to a maxi dress as it adds a bit of edginess to the floaty dress look) - see Nicole Richie in the picture she pulls it off

I am loving the vintage 70's floral maxi dress in the picture, I found this one on http://www.ballyhoovintage.com/ but it had unfortunately been sold already so I'll just have to keep my eye out for another one. Also the 70's pattern is pretty cool, I'll have to get sewing.

Juno Burger Phone

Yes! Wow I love the Burger phone in the film Juno, i need this in my life.....................although i don't have a phone socket but 'hey ho' a small flaw in my plan.


AAh there is nothing like sitting and listening to Annie Mac's mashups which just get better and better. I love her, she seems really geeky and into her tunes, i can imagine her just sitting on her own listening to tunes all day...this being her only vice! It pisses me off that they don't let you download the iplayer bits and bobs so you can keep them on your mp3 player, some are so good you don't want to loose them!
She also has a great sense of style with her wild curly hair....come on girls let those curls loose and ditch the straighteners for one day!

Link to this week's (only available for 4 more days so be quick!!) http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00lh094/Pete_Tong_10_07_2009

She is going to be playing at KOKO in Camden 10th October, can't wait!

Second Hand Clothes

So this weekend I went to a mates nans for a little chill out break, and it was lovely. Although the best part was when she let us raid her wardrobe!! I got some real gems including this tartan jacket, spangle tastic top and fruity dress.

I'm going to crop and customise the jacket, take up the dress and well the top is too marvelous so that is being left as it is, ill post up the new and improved items soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Website of the Day

OK, well you will notice that I will pop anything up which I think is amazing! And this website is definitely my website of the day! Hello Kitty Hell is the blog of a poor suffering husband who moved to Japan with his wife, ultimately this ended up in his house turning into a Hello Kitty shrine!!!!

I know this guy will kill me if he ever reads this, but i love this page!! It gives me inspiration for my own future Hello Kitty house and treats (maybe not as overboard as his one though). Have a look, I'm sure you will find it fascinating if you love the Kitty or not.

Balmain Asda Copy

So the topic on every fashionestas lips today is the launch of Asda's copy of the famous Balmain dress worn by Kate Moss at a recent event. MMmmh I am not convinced. It is a nice dress but when you compare it to the origional there is no comparison. The Balmain dress is quirky, space age and ultimately fashion, the Asda one is sadly not. Good effort though! Also do you really want to be wearing the same dress that everyone else has who ran to Asda this morning? A phase dress if i ever saw one!

Drinky Delight

Just at work and starting to have the mid afternoon depression and sleepiness so along I have popped to the organic shop and to my delight they have my yummiest drink ever! The Whole Earth Sparking Elderflower drink is so yum and really refreshing.........might have to go and get another in a minute!!

Hello Welcome

Welcome to my first ever blog, so it may be a little slow and simple to start off with but I'm sure I will get the hang of it very quickly.

I work in the fashion industry and have had a great interest in fashion since an early age. My fashion tastes may not be up to the standards of other bloggers, BUT, I live in the real word, with a real salary which at times does not stretch to the cost of the designer shops but more to Asda, Matalan, DP, New Look and ASOS. I feel that these sites and stores offer a great variety of up to date fashion essentials without having to live in fear of the store card or credit card bill popping up.

I also love shopping in general so not everything in this blog will be totally revolving around fashion but also shopping, celebrities, the world etc!