Hair in Rags

So I ragged my hair last night to make my hair really curly so I can back comb it tonight for is the outcome!
But I think the prize for Halloween outfit must go to my flat-mate Jade who made it look like her face had been ripped off and her teeth were showing through her cheek! Good girl, taking Halloween to the extreme!

All the pics

Here are all the pictures from the ASOS Beauty and the Bloggers evening, the clothes and shoes are all ASOS Black which is now on their site and the makeup will be up soon! Brilliant!!

ASOS Goodie Bag

So not only did I get an invite to the Beauty and The Bloggrs event, tasty food, yummy champagne, hair styling and a play with all the fabulous makeup they also gave us a goodie bag when we left. Having never recieved one before I was so excited and we both jumped up and down with excitement when we found inside was some of the new ASOS nail varnish (which Ezma is loving) and...and...£100 voucher to spend on ASOS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Burning a hole in my pocket today the voucher was swifty spent on lots of things (£100 goes a long way on ASOS) including some jeggings, a beautiful vintage style headband, a Cath Kidston luggage tag (to spruce up my old suitcase for San Fran next week) and an amazing Suzy Smith leopard print bag!!!! I am so excited for these to turn up.

ASOS Beauty and The Bloggers

I would like to thank ASOS for a brilliant evening at last nights Beauty and The Bloggers event, the champagne was flowing and the canapes were perfect! (That's how I judge an event!!). They had an amazing selection of beauty products for us all to try out, one of my favourites was the POP day to play clutch which came with every eye shadow colour you could possibly need and the benefit makeup which is always a favourite. Also we had a go on the famous ASOS catwalk!!
How amazing are these Illamasqua false eye lashes, these will be perfect for a Christmas party I'm going to have to get myself a pair.
I will pop all the pictures up of me and my flatmate getting our hair and nails done later on today and all the great products. x


So I'm looking around to see if I can get Ezmoo a winter coat, I have found a cute little duffel coat for her but am going to wait and see if I can get her something when I go to San Fransisco next week(!) But while looking I have come across some hilarious dog dressing up clothes! The duck one is my favourite, but I would never get this for McDoodle as we would look like a pair of idiots and would probably get beaten up by the chavs!!
Aw but the Minnie Mouse one is so sweet...maybe just for indoors!

My new favourite Etsy Shop

I came across a beautiful shop on the Etsy site (which I am obsessed with!) called which.goose who make magical natural crowns and hair accessories. I am in love with everything in this store.

Dreaming of a long ring (!)

When deciding which rings to put on my fingers this morning I suddenly remembered my long ring which I used to wear many moons ago brought from a trusty hippie shop in Brighton. As I can't find this anymore I am on the hunt for a new, more stylish version and am finding it very hard! Help!I am now going to become obsessed to find a ring which travels the length of my finger...hopefully I will find one in San Fransisco whoop!
I have found some but they just aren't 'long' enough!!
The pink ring is from Etsy costing £21
The bottom ring is from Pade Vavra and it costs £80.

When looking for this i found the coolest ring ever...the fingertip garden ring, living jewellery is the way forward! Available on the Etsy website at Adorn Jewelry’s ‘Living Jewelry’ collection, prices start at £15 bargain!

More halloween...I am obsessed!

So we have finally decided on a location for our Halloween outings this year and it seems the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club is the place to be. A reliable source tells me that the ghost train experience pretty much is being pushed around on a wheel chair through a corridor of fake cobwebs! SWEET!! Can't wait, my evil clown costume is taking shape as my flatmate tells me she can put my hair in rags so I don't need to buy a red Afro wig i can use my own hair!!! Brilliant!! x

Halloween makeup

I am so excited about Halloween next weekend that i have already started practicing my clown makeup, this is just the first attempt. I'm getting some putty so i can make it look like my mouth has been cut open up my cheeks! Scary!

BBC Night Out

Went to watch the BBC filming of the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show at BBC Television Centre with my mate Alex, however we did pick one of the worst nights to go as this was the night when the BNP leader Nick Griffin was to be interviewed on Question Time. We had to go into lockdown as the protesters stormed the building and they would not let anyone in or out, it was all very chaotic but also fun! But don't worry mum, we didn't get involved in the protest but just watched from afar!!
In the end the show started an hour late and the guests were Boy George, Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page and comic Tim Minchin. It was great and we got to go into the green room and have some free booze!
We took some pictures of the weird shit which is in the corridors of the BBC, including a dead cat, Telly Tubby Toast and the best thing ever...the original Gordon the Gopher! Brilliant!
Thanks for a

Halloween Only one week to go...

Halloween is soon!! I for one can't wait and have decided to either go as a demented china doll or an evil clown. HHalloween is the one day of the year you can go all out with the blood and gore, this is not an excuse to dress as a 'sexy' devil...if you do that you should not be allowed to go out on Halloween your just a tart!