Girl Meets Dress

I have looked at these 'borrowing' websites before where you can borrow a handbag for a certain fee which I was not too keen on as I love my handbags and would want to keep it! However just came across the Girl Meets Dress website where you can hire beautiful designer dresses for up to 7 days and the prices are not too bad. I really wish that I had come across this before as it would be perfect for weddings, balls etc where you want a really cool dress but know that you will never wear it again. I love this LPBG navy blue dress which you can hire for £80 for 2 days or if you have a more extravagant do to attend this Ruth Tarvydas Hepburn dress is exquisite! - Come on someone get married so I can wear this dress and upstage you! (you can also hire hats, bags and fascinators!)

Paris Fashion Haute Couture: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld I think has outdone himself with the new Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2010 collection shown this week in Paris. The cupcake styling of the cute dresses are to die for and loving the gold lame suit he put Baptiste Giabiconi in is pretty disco!

Luscious Leggings

I am getting really really bored with my collection of black leggings (oh actually I do have a pair with lace down the side - wow!), so hunting the old internet today I found some great pairs on the Etsy website, although some are a little pricey for the rate I get through them.
These grey leggings with little birdies on them are so cute, but at $45 (£27) are a little on the pricey side especially as they have to be shipped from New York. Actually while looking at these I have realised that all the leggings I love are from the same Etsy store...MALU. Pop onto Etsy to have a look but here are some of the best. Also she can custom make your own leggings for you! Oh sod it $45 is not that bad actually!!

Barry M Nail Varnish

I am loving this Barry M green nail varnish I nicked from my flatmate this evening, although with my red hair I hope I won't look like Halloween!♥

Whats in your bag??

I have been asked by an online magazine to send them a picture of what I keep in my handbag(!), something to do with women's bags getting bigger and then smaller, and then bigger again so this is what was in my bag today. Although if I am honest my normal bag is a lot more cluttered than this! Here is the itinary:
1. Oyster card with holder (Paperchase)
2. Blinged up mobile - all my own work
3. Hair clip (Topshop)
4. Hello Kitty Purse (Sanrio shop San Fran)
5. Dior Kisses Lipgloss (Xmas pressy)
6. Maybelline Matt Mouse Foundation
7. Cherry Kiss Lipsalve (Xmas pressy)
8. Collection 2000 Eyeliner
9. Stargazer Lipstick
10. Maybelline Mascara
11. Urban Decay purple Eyeliner
12. Diary
13. Big Red chewing gum
14. Dog poop bag(!)-that's what you have to carry around at all times when you have a pup
...all in my Suzy Smith bag from ASOS.♥

Too many shoes

Have you ever thought you have too many shoes? Well, you may want to see our collection before you start judging! We definately need a walk in wardrobe the size of a small house!

House Envy

I came across an old Elle magazine while clearing up my desk today with Matthew Willamson's house in it, it is so my taste in decor - a little mish mashed and gaudy! I love the photos at the end of the tub, the mirrored chair, the glowing stair panel and the acid colours. Also came across Lulu Guinness's beautiful floral bedroom as well! So jealous, my flat is too tiny to make it look cool - also have no pennies to do it!

Polaroid PIC-1000

I love love love Polaroid cameras and the 70s style pictures they make, so I was very happy to see that they have decided (durr) to release a new style Polaroid camera called the Polaroid PIC-1000 which uses the 1000 films. The new cameras come with a sleek wood effect panel, think they are going to cost aprox £60 so they are not cheap, especially as the film is about £1 a picture but they do look so pretty!

Adidas Star Wars

OK, so I'm not a massive Adidas fan...but I am a geek so I screamed a little when I saw that Adidas had collaborated with Star Wars! Plus the advert with Snoop and David Beckham is tres cool so made me want them more!! I may have to grab myself one of the retro stylie hoodies.

Haiti Earthquake - Help them with art

The earthquake in Haiti has shocked the world, we all want to do our bit to support the relief effort. If you are not sure about who to give the money to or how I came across 'The Poster Cause Project', a online store where you can purchace some really origional artwork posters for $15 (aprox £10) and 100% of the profits made go to Doctors Without Borders to directly support the Haiti Earthquake relief efforts. Doctors Without Borders is an international medical humanitarian organisation who aims to bring medical care to those in need regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. Go know you want to.

Vice and ipod app!

Having only recently come an ipod convert (after years of saying i will never get one!, its surprising what a free ipod touch will do) I have got slightly obsessed with apps. As part of the VBN I was asked to look into the new app from Nike called Nike True City. Give it a chance to download as it took me a while but that may just be my slow internet connection but when it is done it is definately worth it. The app combines the cool of Vice and Nike brands and lets you have the inside scoop into European cities including London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris.
I think the best thing which I have found so far on the app for London is the lliffe Yards in SE17, this is a collection of cobbled yeards housing artisans, craftpeople and book publishers, The Electric on Portabello Road (cinema/pub) and Gurkha Nepalese restaurant in South London.

30 Seconds To Mars Kings and Queens

I just had to put this video of the new 30 Seconds To Mars track Kings and Queens up, Jared Leto is officially the most attractive man in the world and on a fixie bike he is 10000% hotter!! Enjoy!

ASOS Indie Collection

I really wish I could stop going on this website, but it is addictive. ASOS have introduced their new collection the Indie Collection which mixes different styles and influences from denims to florals, yummy! I couldn't resist buying the stripy dress with the big floral detail on the front...the jumpsuit is pretty amazing but don't think I could pull it off.

Lego Click

I love Lego, A Lot! They have started their own online community where anyone can share their inventions for new products and toys - pretty ingenious of Lego to get the public to give them their ideas for free! This Lego Click short film is pretty dandy...
Go and have a look at the site for youself at Lego Click

Beauty and The Blogger video

My flatmate found this video on the ASOS Life pages last night when we went to their Beauty and The Blogger event. I hate watching myself on TV and to make matters worse I am a bit drunk so sound like a complete idiot! I'm about the 01.30 time...mmmh i do not look that good on camera! oh it is!

Nicola Roberts

I try to steer away from writing about celebrities on this blog as I feel that our lives are saturated by them at the best of times, however, I recently have started a little girl crush on Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud - specifically her hair!
Also she has 2 cute pugs so she definitely goes up in my estimation.
Well done on stepping away from the ginger minger image you had when you started Girls Aloud and becoming a bit of a red haired icon Nicola, just make sure you don't get over exposed like that annoying Cheryl Cole woman.

Me and Zena

Just a subtle hint, its my birthday in April!