Girl Meets Dress

I have looked at these 'borrowing' websites before where you can borrow a handbag for a certain fee which I was not too keen on as I love my handbags and would want to keep it! However just came across the Girl Meets Dress website where you can hire beautiful designer dresses for up to 7 days and the prices are not too bad. I really wish that I had come across this before as it would be perfect for weddings, balls etc where you want a really cool dress but know that you will never wear it again. I love this LPBG navy blue dress which you can hire for £80 for 2 days or if you have a more extravagant do to attend this Ruth Tarvydas Hepburn dress is exquisite! - Come on someone get married so I can wear this dress and upstage you! (you can also hire hats, bags and fascinators!)

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