Fabulous clothes and shoes HERE...

Oh no, I have found another amazing fashion website! There goes the rest of my wage packet!
The site I am talking about is Need Supply Co. www.needsupply.com, this is an American based site so the own downfall for us not living in the US of A is the $25 shipping rate (although if you spend over $250 its free - mmh thats not a good thing).
I am absolutely loving the little aztec stylie fabric booties ($135), beautiful and simple (maybe make this one) fabric necklace ($38), studded - yes more - wedges ($153), zipper dress ($29) and the very gangster penknife necklace ($55). Just make sure you remove the last one before you try boarding a plane!

Sorry just realised there are a lot of (brackets) in that post, don't know what came over me!

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