Vice and ipod app!

Having only recently come an ipod convert (after years of saying i will never get one!, its surprising what a free ipod touch will do) I have got slightly obsessed with apps. As part of the VBN I was asked to look into the new app from Nike called Nike True City. Give it a chance to download as it took me a while but that may just be my slow internet connection but when it is done it is definately worth it. The app combines the cool of Vice and Nike brands and lets you have the inside scoop into European cities including London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris.
I think the best thing which I have found so far on the app for London is the lliffe Yards in SE17, this is a collection of cobbled yeards housing artisans, craftpeople and book publishers, The Electric on Portabello Road (cinema/pub) and Gurkha Nepalese restaurant in South London.

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