The Creators Project | Peaches

I love Peaches she is a bot of a mad dog...

She is always inventing herself and always at the top of crazy game. As part of the Creators Project a new media output Peaches has created her own art piece. Go and check out the Creators Project website as it is too much for me to explain on my own!!
But here is Peaches video!
The Creators Project | Peaches

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I love Kopparberg cider, they sell it in massive crates at Ikea! So just to make me like them even more they have come up with a marvellous competition take a look at the blurb below...

Got a passion for film, music, fashion or photography? Want the inside word on the best new talent the UK has to offer? Then the Kopparberg Klash is the place for you! Kopparberg in association with VICE Magazine have created the Kopparberg Klash to help you discover the new wave of young talent before the mainstream beckons and the commercial world takes over.

If on the other hand, you think you’ve got the talent we’re looking for then submit your work via the links on the right for all to see, and the experts at Vice will put their heads together to shortlist their favourites. These finalists will have their work showcased at one of four events at different locations across East London, with the winners of these being celebrated at one final Kopparberg Klash. This is the ideal opportunity for the best new bands, stylists, photographers and filmmakers to show their skills to a group of like-minded people and maybe even win some great prizes along the way.

Pretty cool hey? Just head to this website to enter and to look at the entry's so far.

Skate 3 at Ramsgate

As a (ahem) avid skateboarder myself, I am very pleased to see the release of the new Skate 3 game on XBox and Playstation 3. This game is amazing and lets players build their ultimate skate team both offline and co-operatively to take on new challenges or competitive battles against other teams. Pretty cool hey.

Vice magazine sent 3 photographers off to Ramsgate and photograph some avid skateboarders, a little disappointed I wasn't invited have they not seen my skateboarding skills!!
Take a look at the interview and more pictures here, also more information on the upcoming game.

A cultural day off

Our work was closed on Monday so instead of doing my usual weekend routine of watching TV and eating crap I decided to explore some of my favourite museums in London the V&A and Natural History Museum. It ended up being a great (and free) day as there is a fashion exhibition at the V&A at the moment which had some great dresses from all the earas including a Alexander McQueen dress, woop!
Here are my pics.

The Alexander McQueen dress

I wanted to smash though the glass and run off with these 2!

How beautiful are these silver tea pots

The V&A garden

I love this archway, its like being back in Rome (sorry I may be a little dull here but its my Archaeology degree talking!)

This is just so crazy they took a whole staircase out of a house in France!

It is worth going to the V&A for these, look how massive the collumns are compared to the people at the bottom!

The entrance hall to the Natural History Museum is so beautiful...aaahh there's a dinasour!!

I love going into the vault at the Natural History Museum to look at all the diamonds, but this is amazing. This gemstone has a mini world living in it.

Elephant Parade
- these model elephants are popping up all over London which brings to the forefront the importance of elephant conservation. These will soon all be up for auction in Southebys so get hunting now! (you can also buy mini versions in Selfridges)

Carnaby Street 20% off evening

Get your shopping shoes on and head down to Carnaby Street this Thursday (13th May) for the 20% off shopping evening which they are holding. There are free cocktails, chances to win goodie bags and bands playing along the street.
Its definitely worth heading down, I went to the last one and got very drunk on complementary cocktails and ended up buying loads of things I didn't need! Will head down this time as well but lucky (or is that un-luckily) I have no money at the moment due to my monster hotel and food bills from being stuck in LA for a week extra - thanks volcano!
Just click here to register for your ticket.

Coachella Photos

So my friend Jade and myself were very lucky to become photo journalists for the weekend at the very hot Coachella Festival 2010 in the Indio Valley. We basically had to run around taking pictures of people who we thought looked a bit cool or crazy looking. Check out this link for all the photos, and here are a selection of my favourites below.

Lovely umbrella selling ladies

Wild Wolf men! Love the forest backdrop on this picture.

Red Indian girls

Jade and the lovely couple who gave us Vodka and got us very drunk!

This guy had the tightest trousers!

Twit Twoo!!

Just having a little look at the Etsy website, really should be doing work but oh well! Have come across the most adorable owl jewellery!

Owl Locket Necklace $32

Mini Owl Lockets $36

Not officially an Owl, but these bird head rings are really creepy!! At $6.25 for one I think you need a whole gaggle of them they are really tremendous, I had to get one!!!

I'm Back...

...finally we managed to get back into the country after being stuck in sunny Santa Monica due to the volcano so I will start posting soon.

Just uploaded the images to who we worked for at Coachella taking pictures of crazy looking people!! Will pop the link and some images up on here once it has all been verified.