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Are you ready to jumble?

Come down to the Bar Music Hall near Old Street tube on Sunday (August 1st) where Jade and myself will be manning a stall at the annual Let's Get Ready to Jumble. We will have vintage clothes, shoes, bags, belts, records (and some not so vintage DVD's) on our stall. There will also be film screenings and music playing so why not pop in. It starts at 12.00 and goes on till 18.00. Its free entry and you are guaranteed to get some bargains.

The price tags I am making...

I will try and take lots of pictures and report back about the jumble! I am so excited!!

Here are all the details you will need.
12pm - 6pm
Bar Music Hall
134 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3AR

Probably the best fancy dress costume in the world.

So I previously posted about my flatmates Secret Garden Party costume where she is going as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. Here are the progression pictures!! I love it!

Oh I do like to be in the countryside

Having been in London for about 4 years now I am starting to get those pangs of countryside longing as I was a country lass from a young age. I think this is probably increased by the fact I don't have a garden - one of the things I will need to change soon as I need that fresh air!
SO I do like the fact I can escape to my parents house once in a while and here and some (pretty boring) pictures of my last escape to the country. Enjoy!

I think a camping weekend is needed soon...

Tattoo overload

Here is another installment of my long tattoo list which I am now racking up. This was done by the delicious Harry at Flaming 8 in Kentish Town and took all day!! Its settled down now as its been about a month since I had it and I love it so much. It has little Ezma's name in one heart and the next one is being left blank for my next love! I also have the Kozy and Dan rabbit with headphones on my inner arm - that hurt the most. Ouch!
** Mum if you read this hope your not too shocked!** (Come on this is my 7th tattoo surly the shock is over now!!)

Talk about a cool doo!

I love Etsy it must be the best online shop in the world as there is absolutely everything you have ever wanted on it and also some things which you didn't know you wanted! I have become a bit in awe of the seller puppycatmeow who makes lots of different types of hair extensions! Now I am not normally this sort of girl but I really think I might treat myself the the Mohawk hair piece! It will match my hair perfectly!

Braided Faux Hawk Wig - $38

And doesn't everyone need a tea cup head piece?

Birds nest hair accessory anyone?

Secret Garden Party

My flatmate is off to the Secret Garden Party festival this weekend, I alas am not as I am a skint Minnie but I did help her make this amazing costume for the fancy dress. Every year they have a theme and this year is fact or fiction so Jade has decided to go as Max from Where The Wild Things Are!!
Her costume is brilliant if I say so myself - we did hand sew the entire bloody thing as both our sewing machines broke down and the crown is not ready yet. I love it - she might be a little hot though...

My favourite blogs

I spend a lot of time on the internet due to my work so looking at blogs while files load up comes as a light relief from the boredom so I thought I would let you know which ones I look at on a daily basis...

1. Glamoursplash - a blog dedicated to vintage swimwear and all things retro.

2. Style Bubble - of course! You can't be a fashion blog fan without looking at this. This blog tells you all you need to know about style. Susie's ability to make everything look amazing on her really makes me jealous! But also gives me some great ideas of my own.

3. Mademoiselle Robot - Laetitia is a Parisian journalist living in London. I love her take on fashion, it shows that simple ideas go a long way and money is not always needed! Her recent find of a carpet bag with cats on it from Ebay is a true treasure.

4. Cycle Chic - I do love my bikes and this blog has the most amazing photographs of the most beautiful people and their bikes. I also think the tag line 'Hold My Bicycle While I Kiss Your Girlfriend' is brilliant!

5. Glitterbird - her musings as a fashion junior at large. I like her frank opinions of the fashion industry...she also has amazing tattoos!

6. London Cycle Chic - The UK version of this site is brilliant and a must have for any London cyclist. It links through to their shop site which is a great store for stylish helmets and bike bags.

7. Whichgoose - This is the blog of the very popular Etsy shop of the same name. Here you can see the development of her beautiful natural crowns and hair accessories and see how people use them in different ways. Also gives us an insight into the everyday goings on at Whichgoose HQ! Don't forget to check out her Etsy site.

Roller Derby Girl

I realised that I don't have any hobbies! When I was younger I had loads, gymnastics, brownie, guides, hockey, netball etc. So I have decide to try and become a member of a roller derby team! I have always loved roller skating and I do like a good punch up occasionally so this seems like the perfect hobby for me!
I have applied so fingers crossed, the team I want to join is the London Rocking Rollers who look like so much fun! Here is their website go and check them out yourselves I do hope that I still remember how to skate!
I will keep you all posted on my progress. Wish me luck x.


Having the most perfect day on my friends canal boat.

Goodbye Sweet Dolly

This morning I waved goodbye to my lovely Bike Dolly. She is not broken but is too heavy for me to use (she also doesn't have gears or breaks - crazy gal!). I sold her to the hunky(!) men at Camden Cycles who said she would go to a loving home - think they though I was a bit mad when I told them to look after her.
But its not all sad as tomorrow I will pick up my new sleek 80's stylie racing bike! He doesn't have a name yet so I will have to think of one. Hopefully I will be able to bike more freely and not worry about no breaks or being the sweatiest person imaginable as he is super light.
Live long and prosper Dolly I hope a nice hippy girl bikes you forever...

Goodbye Dolly

Welcome new slick 80's bike

Chanel Half Tint Sunglasses

Now summer is fully upon us I feel its time we all upped our game and got some decent sunnies! I do love the Ray Ban Wayfarers but with so many replicas out there I feel we all need to look further afield.
I am loving the Chanel Half Tint Sunglasses which have been spotted on the skinny faces of the Olsen sisters of late - of course the real Chanel ones will break the bank so here is the cheapest version I could find on Girl Props.

Half Tint Round from Girl Props $9.99

Cosmo Blog Awards

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