My favourite blogs

I spend a lot of time on the internet due to my work so looking at blogs while files load up comes as a light relief from the boredom so I thought I would let you know which ones I look at on a daily basis...

1. Glamoursplash - a blog dedicated to vintage swimwear and all things retro.

2. Style Bubble - of course! You can't be a fashion blog fan without looking at this. This blog tells you all you need to know about style. Susie's ability to make everything look amazing on her really makes me jealous! But also gives me some great ideas of my own.

3. Mademoiselle Robot - Laetitia is a Parisian journalist living in London. I love her take on fashion, it shows that simple ideas go a long way and money is not always needed! Her recent find of a carpet bag with cats on it from Ebay is a true treasure.

4. Cycle Chic - I do love my bikes and this blog has the most amazing photographs of the most beautiful people and their bikes. I also think the tag line 'Hold My Bicycle While I Kiss Your Girlfriend' is brilliant!

5. Glitterbird - her musings as a fashion junior at large. I like her frank opinions of the fashion industry...she also has amazing tattoos!

6. London Cycle Chic - The UK version of this site is brilliant and a must have for any London cyclist. It links through to their shop site which is a great store for stylish helmets and bike bags.

7. Whichgoose - This is the blog of the very popular Etsy shop of the same name. Here you can see the development of her beautiful natural crowns and hair accessories and see how people use them in different ways. Also gives us an insight into the everyday goings on at Whichgoose HQ! Don't forget to check out her Etsy site.

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