Studded Converse Trainers

I love going back to the parentals as I can rummage through old clothes and make new things with them! At Christmas I found an old studded belt to liven up my boring old Converse Trainers! They are not finished yet but the finger pain putting these bad boys on was too much to bare so I will need to go back to them, also want to accessorise my denim jacket with these freebie studs as well.

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you for reading Her Secret Words I will be blogging again after Christmas as I'm off to the parentals for Christmas and will not be able to put anything up as their internet is so so so slow!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kim and Ezma

The perfect sweater

This Karl Grandin sweater is so ace! I want it in my life!!! Come on Santa do your best.

Dita Von Teese Pure Glamour

Does Dita Von Teese never have a bad day, even shopping she looks glamorous! Not fair, I look like a tramp when I go shopping!

Vodafone Heros - Henry Holland Shed

Hoping to make their phones more user friendly Vodaphone 360 have asked some prolific names in the UK music and fashion scene to make their own short video virals to promote the video sharing feature in their new phones (quiet a cool idea as long as it doesn't cost a fortune in the process). Including the ever so hot Faris Badwan from the Horrors and fashion designer Henry Holland. The HH decides to actually make a literal House of Holland in a garden shed. A cool concept, if only these fashion designers knew how to actually put up a shed (in the end a team of them take 3 hours!!). The final result is a house (shed) decorated in Henry's textiles used in his fashion line, and of course they obligatory launch party! Would have been cool if the shed was put in a spot where us normal people could go and have a look, although this is probably because all the pillows etc would be nicked, which is what happened at the party! The viral has definitely inspired me to make a lamp shade from a mannequin leg! Creepy!
Some good virals though, definitely worth a look.

Rough Trade Photo Booth

The photo booth at the Rough Trade store in Brick Lane is our new favourite toy! Most people stick their pictures on the wall but ours was so cool with Ezmadoodle in the picture that we had to keep it! I do look a little bit like a mental case in the second picture though!!

Absolute Rock

I'm not really a fan of Vodka, but the leather and studs on the Limited Edition Absolute Rock bottle make me forget this! I love studs!!

River Island Turkey Jumper

Love it! £70 though (ouch!)

The Do It Yourself Soepboer and Schuurman Dresses

Fancy colouring in your own dress? Well now you can if you have a spare £250 you can with the Soepboer and Schuurman Dress. The clothing designer and graphic artist collaborated to bring together a new take on the plain dress. The colouring in dress comes with its own pens so you can change it to fit with your accessories. Or if you are not good at keeping in the lines the assembly dress may be more your style (my favourite). you just add and take bits of the dress away by buttoning sections, although I have a Religion dress which has buttons on the hem to make it different lengths and this did not work out very well and in the end i had to sew the bloomin thing up!
Go and have a look at the site,

Johnny Cupcakes Glasses

The genius behind Johnny Cupcakes, Johnny Earle has some of the coolest glasses I have ever seen. If anyone knows where these are from please let me know and I will love you forever!!

Illamasque Eyelashes

I finally had the opportunity to don my new Illamasque false eyelashes to the Crimbo party on Saturday night, and how beautiful are they if I say so myself!
It did take me a good half an hour to position them and make sure I could open my eye after all the glue i applied, but at the end of it i thought I did a pretty good job!
The Illamasque website does offer a tutorial for applying false eyelashes and other makeup tips, but to be honest the creepy drag queen looking model put me off! EEK! If your not as scared as me go and have a look at their website and click on the tutorial tab.

Habitats secret Christmas drinks

...Ok maybe not as secret as I make out, but has anyone realised that around Christmas time Habitat opens its doors for a late night evening where you get free mince pies and champagne! Brilliant! Rupal and I wandered down for the second year running and decided to actually get some bargains with the 20% off offer, unlike last year where we got so drunk we though a picture frame was £3.50 when it was actually £35! Durr!
It was just a good, although this year there were more people (boo!), but a magician, DJ and a lot more champagne (yeah!). Whoop Habitat!
We were in love with all the kids toys, and the amazing light up mat, again for the kids, they get the best things.
- sorry the pictures are a bit rubbish, we were drunk!-

Studded Chunky Heels

I have realised that I haven't shared the wonder that is my amazing studded shoes I picked up during my travels to San Francisco! Aren't they simply beautiful (only a girl can get away with saying that!).
I still need to get some more studding for my brogues as I haven't been bothered to leave the warmth of my home recently, this week I will for definite (I promise)

Sherlock holmes premier!

While trawling through the endless mail at my desk there was a light at the end of the tunnel as I recieved my tickets to mondays sherlock holmes premier! The film looks entertaining, but the highlight of the evening will be spotting robert downey jr and seeing which crappy z lister will be wearing very little to get in the papers! Special!

Beauty Review

I though that I would leave it a while before I did a review on the beauty products which I received from ASOS, to give me a chance to use them properly and now here is my review:
1. The best eyeliner I have ever used is... Pixi Smoky Eye Creator. The gel liner is fantastic, I can now wear an eyeliner all day at work and never have to re-apply! This is a must have, so much so that I have now convinced many friends to buy it!
2. Brilliant subtle smoky eyeshadow...Paul and Joe brown eyeliner trio.
3. Bourjois limited edition blusher. Perfect and small enough to carry around at all times!
4. The perfume I have been looking for...Juicy Couture.
5. And I have saved the best for last, this is the perfect Christmas gift for any girl, most of the people who have seen mine have let out a little scream of delight!! The Jelly Pong Shadow Taffy and Lip Orchard Set comes in divine packaging and is just perfect.

Hey, go and look at for amazing handmade leather wallets, purses, keyrings, card holders...and soon a selection of re-upholstered leather bike seats! Brilliant, come on Kelly we want to see these bad boys!

This is an oven you can definately chain me to!!

Oh my word! I need to buy a house just so I can have this delicious treat in my kitchen. Emma Bridgewater for Aga £9,999.


Have you ever taken the time to look at the barcode on your packaging? No? Thought not. Japanese design group E-Barcode wish to change all that with these fancy barcodes! Well I suppose it will make you look twice.