Habitats secret Christmas drinks

...Ok maybe not as secret as I make out, but has anyone realised that around Christmas time Habitat opens its doors for a late night evening where you get free mince pies and champagne! Brilliant! Rupal and I wandered down for the second year running and decided to actually get some bargains with the 20% off offer, unlike last year where we got so drunk we though a picture frame was £3.50 when it was actually £35! Durr!
It was just a good, although this year there were more people (boo!), but a magician, DJ and a lot more champagne (yeah!). Whoop Habitat!
We were in love with all the kids toys, and the amazing light up mat, again for the kids, they get the best things.
- sorry the pictures are a bit rubbish, we were drunk!-

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