Alice in Wonderland

Alice pendant from Flash Trash
Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet from Pling Store at Etsy
Tea cup earrings from Tiny Tasty at Etsy
Alice in Wonderland handbag from
The upcoming film Alice in Wonderland is looking to be a really must see, despite the fact that it may be a little hard to find a cinema actually playing it! Get into the style of Alice in Wonderland with these little gems!

Fixie Love

Ever since my flatmate got her fixed gear bike I have been slightly obsessed (although I still love the Pashley's!). Hers is a sleek little number made from chrome with little pink gloves called Pierre, this ladies is perfect and retro with its cute pink tires! (she was photographed at LFW by Face Hunter)

My London Fashion Week Diary

This is a quick tale to let you know my LFW experiences...

Walking into your first London Fashion Week is a daunting experience, it feels like the first day at school where you mum has picked your school uniform and you turn up to see that everyone else is more sophisticated and glamorous than the village school you have come from.
Firstly I need to navigate where to get my pass from, I don't want to look foolish and wander into an area your not allowed! Pass achieved and I proudly dangle it from my neck, but is this the correct thing to do? Quick check, ah yes all the other fashion pack have theirs around their neck all is OK. The next challenge is what to do next, do I look at the map or wander, sod it map it is. I have a little wander round the exhibitions, some are really interesting - shame you can't take pictures, while others I have to introduce my fake interested face and sign up for mailing lists I'm really not that interested in!
Being new to this fashion and blogging game I feel that I am only just beginning to get my stride, taking baby steps to get my head around things. The problem is I do love fashion, I love admiring people who have exquisite taste and the ability to out an outfit together. But if I am truly honest I don't know the names of all the designers or fashion people but is this really important??? Probably, but at this early stage there are better things to with my head space...OK back to fashion week.
OK, enough wandering time for a tea and a sit down. Aaah this is perfect, people watching time.
Is it really sad that I can't stop touching my press pass and taking sly glances at my free Mulberry tote, gosh this may be the first time I get to own anything Mulberry based at all!
...more soon....

We Love 77 punk rock exhibition

So on Friday night I tagged along with friend to the We Love 77 art exhibition at the Merchants Hall on Essex Road. The artist duo Sardine and Tobleroni based their current collection on the number 77, with 77 paintings shown and all pieces either from, before or after the pivotal 1977 date.
First impressions are that it is bloody cold! The paintings, and I'm no art critic and being unable to paint maybe I shouldn't say this, were a little shoddy. It felt at times that the artist had begun painting well and then got a little bored and quickly finished it off! I hope no punks come after me for this!
I think I was a little more interested in the outfits of the people at the show like the couple who wore matching black and white brogues (and check out her piano skirt), and the girl with the biggest shoulder pads - sorry the picture is a bit rubbish but I couldn't get close to her!

Your Eyes Lie

Looking for unique print t-shirts in all the sizes you need, then look no further than Your Eyes Lie. This London based artist collective loves bold statements and eye catching graphic prints.
Loving the long dress vests as I can never find t-shirts long enough (not that I'm tall, I'm actually really short I just like long t-shirts!. They also do some really nice unusual jewellery, like the skull and wire and the tea pot pendant, and the whole lot is not too expensive at about £25 for a t-shirt and £25 for some jewellery.
I highly recommend having a look at this site.♥

London College of Fashion MA_STERS

The MA show at the London College of Fashion is the perfect place to spot all the potential next big things in British fashion. I am in absolute awe of the collection put together by Sarah Williams. Her bags are simply outstanding, this is what she has to say about her collection,
"Historically exceptional craftsmanship was the norm now it is the exception."

The collection is designed to challenge this statement by utilising regional historical craftsmanship and metamorphosising the traditional in order to produce a collection of original fashion artefacts.

Throughout the whole design and production process three method of change were applied to the materials used; metamorphosis, presence and anthropomorphism. This results in fashion artefacts which relate both to historical traditions but can be used in a modern day context.

Her collection is putting a real modern architectural edge on the classic handbags of the 30's and 40's. Check out her website here.

Another designer I will definitely be keeping my eye on is Jody Parchment, her take on shoes is in keeping with the sheer extravagance of the late Alexander McQueen while still having some pieces which will be consumer friendly.♥

My new Etsy favourite

The shop on Etsy sells beautiful ceramic items all made by Megan and they are so adorable. I really love the little figurines which she makes with animal heads, creepy but fascinating at the same time. All the figures are around $40 so not bad for a handmade piece and they would be a perfect alternative present for a wedding. I also love the mini bowl with the lady silk-screened into it, I might just have to get this one!!♥

A slack week

Hey, sorry I haven't posted anything this week have been uber busy...but its London Fashion week this weekend so I will be taking lots and lots of pictures and reporting back to you with all the fun and gossip so keep strong! Its my first time at LFW so I am very excited and can't wait to do a good amount of spying on what people are wearing!!!! ♥

Nosey Doggie

This really has nothing to do with anything but couldn't resist putting these images of my dog Ezma up, she is such a nosey little thing and likes to spend large parts of her day having a good old nosey at the neighbourhood! She looks a little shocked when I catch her at it! Bless ♥

Andreia Chaves

If you ever wanted your surroundings to match your shoes then Andreia Chaves may have designed the shoes for you. The invisible shoe is made from geometric shapes with a mirrored finish to 'blend in' with the world. These shoes really are a work of art and architecture and as we see shoes becoming more and more extravagant and design led what will come next.
The Prism shoes are also another design of hers which are so chaotic but beautiful.

RIP Alexander McQueen

The legendary British fashion designer Lee McQueen (Alexander McQueen) died today, let us remember his awe inspiring designs.

Continuing on amazing things you find on the way home...

Me and my flatmate love to find sweet treats on the way home but this radiator cover must be the best thing we have found so far! I love it, especially with all our tea pots on it! Comment me on amazing things you have found on the way home or in skips and I will feature it!♥