We Love 77 punk rock exhibition

So on Friday night I tagged along with friend to the We Love 77 art exhibition at the Merchants Hall on Essex Road. The artist duo Sardine and Tobleroni based their current collection on the number 77, with 77 paintings shown and all pieces either from, before or after the pivotal 1977 date.
First impressions are that it is bloody cold! The paintings, and I'm no art critic and being unable to paint maybe I shouldn't say this, were a little shoddy. It felt at times that the artist had begun painting well and then got a little bored and quickly finished it off! I hope no punks come after me for this!
I think I was a little more interested in the outfits of the people at the show like the couple who wore matching black and white brogues (and check out her piano skirt), and the girl with the biggest shoulder pads - sorry the picture is a bit rubbish but I couldn't get close to her!

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