My London Fashion Week Diary

This is a quick tale to let you know my LFW experiences...

Walking into your first London Fashion Week is a daunting experience, it feels like the first day at school where you mum has picked your school uniform and you turn up to see that everyone else is more sophisticated and glamorous than the village school you have come from.
Firstly I need to navigate where to get my pass from, I don't want to look foolish and wander into an area your not allowed! Pass achieved and I proudly dangle it from my neck, but is this the correct thing to do? Quick check, ah yes all the other fashion pack have theirs around their neck all is OK. The next challenge is what to do next, do I look at the map or wander, sod it map it is. I have a little wander round the exhibitions, some are really interesting - shame you can't take pictures, while others I have to introduce my fake interested face and sign up for mailing lists I'm really not that interested in!
Being new to this fashion and blogging game I feel that I am only just beginning to get my stride, taking baby steps to get my head around things. The problem is I do love fashion, I love admiring people who have exquisite taste and the ability to out an outfit together. But if I am truly honest I don't know the names of all the designers or fashion people but is this really important??? Probably, but at this early stage there are better things to with my head space...OK back to fashion week.
OK, enough wandering time for a tea and a sit down. Aaah this is perfect, people watching time.
Is it really sad that I can't stop touching my press pass and taking sly glances at my free Mulberry tote, gosh this may be the first time I get to own anything Mulberry based at all!
...more soon....

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