70's hoover!

I love random things you see on the way home. This 70's hoover rocks!


Here is the lovely Stella modeling a cute muff in the Oxford Street Urban Outfitters last night. We love this but think we could make one for cheaper! Here I come markets, me and Ezma are on a mission tomorrow to find studs, lace and fake fur.

Red or dead

Wow. Look at Red or Dead's new Carnaby Street store front. Brilliant, although it didn't make us want to go in! oops!

Sewing box

Amazing sewing box we saw while out and about near Carnaby Street last night, although it was £180! eek! nice though


I am a big fan of skullcandy headphones since I recieved a pair last year for Christmas (here is Ezma modelling them, the big diva), but I'm not too happy that you will recieve a pair if you buy a mobile phone at the moment - hopefully they will be some crappy ones which they don't normally sell. Here are a few more coolio designs, the Paul Frank ones are pretty dandy.

Thank you M&S

I would like to thank Marks and Spencers for bringing me a Christmas treat in the form of DCI Gene Hunt (actor Philip Glenister) in their recent Christmas advert. And yes I know he is an old man, but I don't care I love him!!! We have a cheeky picture of him on our kitchen wall, yum!
Look at the video on you tube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vbqN9bB1MI

Faux Fur Deerstalker Hat

I really want a faux fur deerstalker hat for the cold winter months, but I think I might look like a twat! Thoughts?

Pictures I Love

Some of the photo shoots for Vogue magazine are just phenomenal. One of my favourites is the one which Tim Burton did in respect to all of his films, one picture of Helena Bonham Carter in the glass elevator is so beautifully shot that I even have it on my wall! Here are some pictures which I just love, including the Lady Gaga photoshoot for Vogue shot by the legendary Annie Leibovitz.

Woop - My Grazia feature

When I attended the ASOS Beauty and The Blogger evening I was interviewed by the lovely Alexander from Grazia magazine which was so exciting as normally I have to talk to the press about work, but this time it was all about me. Here are bits from the feature on Graziadaily.co.uk - please note that I was quiet tipsy when this picture was taken that is why I look so horrific (that is why I choose not to put it on here!) Go and look at the feature this is the link http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/beauty/archive/2009/10/30/tips-from-the-beauty-bloggers.htm

Here is my interview:

Grazia Daily: You won the ASOS blog competition, congrats!

Kim: Thanks, I had to create a Christmas beauty look so I did simple black eyes, red lips and used 40s rollers in my hair. So many people go OTT at Christmas with glitter and anything they can find, I just wanted to keep it simple.

Grazia Daily: What’s a classic beauty faux-pas?

Kim: Lip liner. I know it’s meant to stop your lip-colour bleeding but it’s so hard to match properly. And lipstick is so much better than it used to be anyway, I really love the MAC deep plum one and Rimmel’s basic reds.

Grazia Daily: Who is your beauty icon?

Kim: Paloma Faith, I love her hair! And Dita von Teese because I like the 40s look.

The 'Louboutin' Manicure

For all of us who will probably never have the funds to buy our own Louboutin shoes we can have a slight feeling what it is like to own a pair of the red soled dreams by getting a Louboutin Manicure at the Charles Worthington salon in London. Zoe Pocock from the salon designed the technique where the underside of your nail is painted with the shocking red colour and the topside is painted in a colour of your choice! You may have to get false nails if you bite them as much as me! Sounds great though.

Stop, No More Shoes!

Doing shoe research for work is really not a good idea! I have found so many which I love!!
These ASOS bubble suede shoes with the pink strap are lush, mmmh £95, I think I will wait until the sale.
The Charlotte Olympia wedges! (£555 ouch!)and the Brian Atwood suede leather pumps (£565 eek!) Where is a rich husband when you need one!

Kat Von D Makeup

For those of you who watch too much TV you might already be aware of the tattooed floozy that is Kat Von D after she was filmed in the series Miami Ink which followed the day in the life of a tattoo parlour. She became such a hit that French makeup brand Sephora asked her to design her own line of makeup which is suppose to exemplifies old-Hollywood glamour with an L.A. vibe, whatever!, I just love this solid perfume ring. Unfortunately it only comes in a size 7 which according to Sephora fits most fingers, well obviously I have sausage fingers because it would only fit on my little finger! If you have normal sized fingers I would snap one up as they are only $30 (approx £18) and are available from the Sephora website, www.sephora.com.

Hold on a hot picking moment, ASOS you are spoiling us!

Ok, so I am the new ASOS bitch because of my recent win, but this is fab if you sign up to ASOS premier for £24.95 you will receive free delivery, returns and collections on all your order for a full 12 months! Pretty disco if like me you order something at least once a month from the site which costs around £3.95 a pop for standard delivery (which btw normally turns up in about 2 working days...if the posties are not striking that is!) saving around £22.45 a year which you could put towards this totally sexual embellished number (£95), perfect for the Crimbo party!