The N.T.P

I have previously posted about my fabulous sister's (oh and Wayne's) new tea shop in the heart of Manchester's Norther Quarter - North Tea Power. But here are some images I nicked off their Facebook page so you can all get an idea how fab it is. Don't forget to become their facebook fan and also follow all their twittering at

They will really appreciate the support - SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES EVERYONE!!!

The big sis hard at work

No ordinary shelves here

Probably the most stylish tea break in the world


The cage shoes are long over in the world of fashion, but long live the cage bracelet as seen here on Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters - where the hell did she get this from? Let me know if you have any ideas.

p.s. she needs to put a bit of weight on not loving the lollipop head version, she looked fab here...

Party Pooper

Want to go to a truly tremendous party? Well listing to me bang on about the Creators Project has finally paid off!
They are holding a pretty fab party on July 17th (Sat)at Victoria House in old Landon Tawn where you will have the opportunity to check out some brilliant artistic work and listen to some coolio bands such as the Filthy Dukes, Flats and Mark Ronson!

Check out the Creators Project Facebook page here for more details, and I will see you guys there.

Dr Marten Lust

To celebrate Sanrio's 50th Anniversary the beautifully cute Hello Kitty is teaming up with Dr Martens and releasing the cutest boots that the world has ever seen!
The white ones with the little bow are my favourite, I will be racing to the Dr Marten shop in Camden to order these little treats in!
I am in love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The Creators Project....again....I know!!

I know this is starting to sound like a creators project blog but I promise it isn't!!!

I just need you all to check this site out as it is freaking amazing. This week look at the amazing United Visual Artists videos.
We all love a good lazer/LED light show when we are out and about or watching our favourite music video and these are the guys who make this shit happen. They have used their LED wizardry in Massive Attack and Battles (woo!) videos.

Go and check this bloody site out and I will stop banging on about it...OK!

p.s. The Spike Jonez videos should be up soon, watch out for these bad boys.

Download Festival 2010

I haven't been blogging for a while as I have been gallivanting around the countryside, sitting in muddy fields and perving on bearded tattooed rocker men! This was not by random but because we went to Download festival last weekend, and it was truly amazing. If you have never heard of this festival then you are missing out, this was my first year and I thoroughly regret missing all the previous years. We saw Rage Against The Machine (for the second time in 2 weeks), The Deftones (Chino you are a god), Billy Idol, Five Finger Death Punch, Aerosmith, Slash....aaaahhhh the list of pure rock gods is endless!!


THE DEFTONES (Chino Moreno - yum yum yum!)


We also visited the lovely cider festival near Abergavenny in South Wales a couple of weeks ago which was an experience. With over 80 different ciders to try I can honestly say I am sick of the stuff. We did visit a lovely old castle where we just had to buy bows and arrows!! Such children.
Here are a few pics, I will put some more up later xx

The Creators Project - Mark Ronson

Ok, so i keep banging on about this Creators Project but its really worth a look at!

The Creators Project is basically a media outlet for some pretty cool videos with the hippest 'creators' around including Peaches (which I have previously blogged about), Mark Ronson, CSS and coming soon Spike Jonze which I am pretty excited about.

Mark Ronson comes across as quiet a nice guy with lots of ideas to offer, so don't let the whole Daisy Lowe / Lily Allen aspect of him spoil your viewing.

Also don't forget to have a look at the events tab on The Creators Projects homepage for fun events in your neck of the woods.

Feather Earrings

After making friends with a girl at Coachella who was wearing some delicious feather earrings I have been scouring the shops for some of my very own. Well I didn't have to look very far, Etsy of course had a seller with some real treats. Beth Nouveau's shop has loads and loads of feathery delights and in the end I opted for the fabulous Zebra Diva Super Long ones which were a barginous $18. I will post a pic up when I get home of me wearing them.