Hello Kitty Skateboard

Look what arrived for me in the post today!!!! I am trying to learn to skateboard and this will be the perfect tool. Wish me luck (and no broken limbs!)

London Pirate Radio

Radio Caroline

Pirate radio has always been something which has fascinated me. Starting in the UK around the 1950's and 1960s pirate radio was started as a rebellion to the government run stations of that era and in particular their strong objection to the new pop music. Pirate radio allowed that music to get to the masses, at times the radio stations were so popular they drew in audiences of 8 million!
Due to the illegal nature of these radio stations they had to think of ways to get around being arrested, thus the pirate radio boats of the 1960's emerged in the international waters surrounding the UK, the most famous station being Radio Caroline. Check out the film The Boat That Rocked which was loosely based on Radio Caroline.

Pirate Radio stations are still going strong with literally hundreds on the air in the UK today. As this is still illegal (stupid I know - but the government do like their taxes) the people who create these brilliant radio stations have to come up with ingenious ways of hiding transmitters and have to have many back ups in case they are found out.

Check out the video HERE which not only shows the background of Pirate radio but also how it is still going ahead. I love the bit where they go and check out the old anti-aircraft towers in the mouth of the Thames where they used to broadcast in the 60's. Very creepy, just goes to show that there are no limits when doing something you feel is important.

Also check out the Palladium Boots blog for more stories and pics on Pirate Radio.

Swimsuit dilemma solved!

Finding the right swimming costume is always a nightmare and after dragging myself around all the usual suspects I still couldn't find what I was looking for. Thank goodness for the internet as I came across For Luna which sells retro inspired swimwear. They are absolutely perfect at hiding all the lumps and bumps whilst giving you a little fashion boost! A little expensive at £60 for a swimsuit but beggars cant be choosers.

Cherries Swimsuit £59.50

Red Swimsuit £59.50

Retro Black Bikini £55

Polka Dot Swimsuit £60

Ghetto Nails

My attempt at being a Wah nail girl

Wah Nails

Wah Nails

Inspired by the amazing Wah Nails, who have a store on the Kingsland road and now a pop up boutique in Topshops Oxford Street store check out my ghetto fabulous nails!! Obviously not as good as the Wah ladies, but not too bad...the only problem is typing, putting on clothes, taking out contact lenses etc etc!!
Check out the Wah Blog, its inspiring.

Coke Can Hair Rollers

Lady Gaga really did not appeal to me when she first started out, but now I am slightly loving her style especially the coke can hair rollers she has donned in her new music video Telephone (with Beyonce). I can't wait for a fancy dress opportunity so I can do this too! I'm sure this look was styled in the 40's and 80's but thanks for bringing it back Lady G.

My Clothes are so dull...

...compared to the kids on the Drop website.
Go and have a look at the site its dedicated to cool Japanese street style, makes me want to start putting a bit of effort into my wardrobe!

Lazy weekend

I have enjoyed such a lazy weekend after a hectic week, we just went out to the amazing Electrowerkz in Islington where my flatmate and I realised we have lost the ability to dance so that will need to be worked on. Also been downloading all the albums ever as I am so bored of my music so here is my list of top tune I am loving at the moment. Not many or any are recent I was really delving into the archive with these treats...
1. Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack
2. My Own Summer - Deftones (Roll on Download festival!!)
3. Stylo - Gorillaz
4. Cats In The Cradle - Guns N' Roses
5. Live and Let Die - Guns N' Roses
6. Love Me Sexy - Jackie Moon
7. On To The Next One - Jay Z
8. Fire - Kasabian
9. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush
10. Cruel Intentions - Simian Mobile Disco
11. Fader - The Temper Trap

I have linked them all to YouTube so you can go and have a look. What are you top songs??


You may have read some previous posts regarding mine and my flatmates competition obsession, well its happened again. This morning I arrived at work to discover I had won a £50 bar tab at the Green Man pub round the corner!! Dropping your business cards into those goldfish bowls at the bar does actually work!!!! Roll on 5.30pm, I'm going to treat the whole office to free drinks!

Pokémon...do you remember??

Remember Pokémon from the 90's, I would have thought so everyone was obsessed...I even had a Pikachu bag for college (how cool was I!). Well the Nintendo franchise are coming back strong with the new Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilver versions for the Nintendo DS and DSi. To launch the new games Nintendo have asked some artists to create Pokémon themed artwork for an exclusive launch party which will have the likes of The Filthy Dukes, Friendly Fires and Real Gold performing. See told you the Pokémon guys were cool!!!

Go and have a look at the artwork on the Vice website here. Below are a few of my favorites.
Mimi Leung

Jon Burgerman

We ♥ Tea

I love anything to do with tea, such as amazing tea cups or tea pots. I spotted this lady outside the Electrowerkz in Islington with a beautiful I ♥ Tea necklace with a little tea cut hanging from it! Unfortunately I can't remember this girls name or where she got her necklace from.

Pimped up converse trainers

So my first attempt at studding my Converse trainers was a little crap, this time with the correct tools I think they are pretty disco!!♥

Free People makes no sense

Go and look at www.freepeople.com and in particular the sneakers section. Am I an idiot or are they blatantly selling old, dirty trainers for £38 saying they are distressed!!!! WTF!!! They are just dirty!!

What is the world coming to?? Just get some new trainers for half the price and wear them...!

Primarnoni's amazing sandals

I have never been able to buy Primark shoes as they are crappy quality and hurt my feet, but this season they seem to have made a breakthrough and their sandals are bloody excellent! So me and my flatmate eagerly trotted down and got a couple of pairs. I love both of them as they are really comfy and were only £13 each! Bargain!

By the way the fake painting over my toe nails is to shield you from the disgusting shock that is my none existent big toes due to a bed dropping incident! And the rest of them needed the treatment or, well, they just wouldn't match!


I am the slowest person in the world, but here are a few pics from my experience at the Belle Sauvage show.
Sat on the row I felt very uncomfortable, probably because we looked opposite and everyone seemed a little too cool for school in their designer gear. But then we decided that was stupid and started to enjoy the experience. The shoes were the first thing I noticed, they were a little trying to be crazy but just looked a little ridiculous - but they are obviously just made for the show so I'll move on.
The immaculate shoulders, the winged dresses, the leggings...I can barely move my trigger finger quickly enough to get the shots!
Then as quick as it had begun it was over, phew exhausting!

-- Sorry there are loads of pics but I was excited!--


Just wanted to say a little thank you to my new followers this week! I really appreciate it xxxxxxxx

And the winner is...

My flatmate Jade and myself are in some sort of competition winning war, which is never a bad thing but I believe that she may have outdone me with this one. She managed not only to bag us tickets to front row LFW but also she won £250 worth of mywardrobe.com vouchers! Jammy sod!
So her rewards came to her in a ribboned box and in the form of a Barbour jacket, very Farmer Giles! A beautiful pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters and the cherry on top (mainly because I am the same shoe size as her, YES!) are the Vivienne Westwood Black Lady Dragon Wax Seal Slingbacks. And yes we did let out a little girly scream when we saw these!!! Not only are they gorgeous but they also smell of Trolls (not the warty creepy ones which live under bridges but the children's toys). If you get a chance pop into Vivienne Westwood and have a cheeky sniff.

Galibardy Jewellery

Stag Skull Ring £18
Skull Necklace £21
Bunny Ring £16
Tattoo Necklace £24
I can hardly contain myself, how cute is all this jewellery! Thats all I need to say about it...except for I can't access paypal so can you all buy me lots and lots!!

I sometimes wish I had more talent

I really admire people who have a great imagination, and I admire more people who can actually transfer it from their mind into real life. Music videos can be so dull with just scantly clad girls dancing so I rejoiced when I saw this video of OK Go This Too Shall Pass directed by James Frost. Remember they previously did that video of them all doing a dance on running machines...which got destroyed by some crappy vitamin advert on TV!
This is sheer genius, yes I know this sort of video has been done before (in a car advert but I can't remember the make) but its still fab. Check it out below...
Another a.m.a.z.i.n.g music video is Chemical Brothers Star Guitar which is just a video of a train...boring you say! NO! The train ride matches the rhythm of the song, you really need to see it to appreciate the genius. Click here to see it!

Paul + Joe + Alice = Wonderland!!!!

Paul and Joe Limited Edition Online only Alice in Wonderland Collection Tin
O.P.I Alice in Wonderland mini nail varnish
I have been waiting for these items to come onto ASOS for a long long time and finally they are available! In honor of Alice in Wonderland Paul and Joe have released Alice in Wonderland inspired makeup! Brilliant! I am so obsessed with everything to do with this film.