And the winner is...

My flatmate Jade and myself are in some sort of competition winning war, which is never a bad thing but I believe that she may have outdone me with this one. She managed not only to bag us tickets to front row LFW but also she won £250 worth of vouchers! Jammy sod!
So her rewards came to her in a ribboned box and in the form of a Barbour jacket, very Farmer Giles! A beautiful pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters and the cherry on top (mainly because I am the same shoe size as her, YES!) are the Vivienne Westwood Black Lady Dragon Wax Seal Slingbacks. And yes we did let out a little girly scream when we saw these!!! Not only are they gorgeous but they also smell of Trolls (not the warty creepy ones which live under bridges but the children's toys). If you get a chance pop into Vivienne Westwood and have a cheeky sniff.

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