I sometimes wish I had more talent

I really admire people who have a great imagination, and I admire more people who can actually transfer it from their mind into real life. Music videos can be so dull with just scantly clad girls dancing so I rejoiced when I saw this video of OK Go This Too Shall Pass directed by James Frost. Remember they previously did that video of them all doing a dance on running machines...which got destroyed by some crappy vitamin advert on TV!
This is sheer genius, yes I know this sort of video has been done before (in a car advert but I can't remember the make) but its still fab. Check it out below...
Another a.m.a.z.i.n.g music video is Chemical Brothers Star Guitar which is just a video of a train...boring you say! NO! The train ride matches the rhythm of the song, you really need to see it to appreciate the genius. Click here to see it!

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