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Radio Caroline

Pirate radio has always been something which has fascinated me. Starting in the UK around the 1950's and 1960s pirate radio was started as a rebellion to the government run stations of that era and in particular their strong objection to the new pop music. Pirate radio allowed that music to get to the masses, at times the radio stations were so popular they drew in audiences of 8 million!
Due to the illegal nature of these radio stations they had to think of ways to get around being arrested, thus the pirate radio boats of the 1960's emerged in the international waters surrounding the UK, the most famous station being Radio Caroline. Check out the film The Boat That Rocked which was loosely based on Radio Caroline.

Pirate Radio stations are still going strong with literally hundreds on the air in the UK today. As this is still illegal (stupid I know - but the government do like their taxes) the people who create these brilliant radio stations have to come up with ingenious ways of hiding transmitters and have to have many back ups in case they are found out.

Check out the video HERE which not only shows the background of Pirate radio but also how it is still going ahead. I love the bit where they go and check out the old anti-aircraft towers in the mouth of the Thames where they used to broadcast in the 60's. Very creepy, just goes to show that there are no limits when doing something you feel is important.

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