A cultural day off

Our work was closed on Monday so instead of doing my usual weekend routine of watching TV and eating crap I decided to explore some of my favourite museums in London the V&A and Natural History Museum. It ended up being a great (and free) day as there is a fashion exhibition at the V&A at the moment which had some great dresses from all the earas including a Alexander McQueen dress, woop!
Here are my pics.

The Alexander McQueen dress

I wanted to smash though the glass and run off with these 2!

How beautiful are these silver tea pots

The V&A garden

I love this archway, its like being back in Rome (sorry I may be a little dull here but its my Archaeology degree talking!)

This is just so crazy they took a whole staircase out of a house in France!

It is worth going to the V&A for these, look how massive the collumns are compared to the people at the bottom!

The entrance hall to the Natural History Museum is so beautiful...aaahh there's a dinasour!!

I love going into the vault at the Natural History Museum to look at all the diamonds, but this is amazing. This gemstone has a mini world living in it.

Elephant Parade
- these model elephants are popping up all over London which brings to the forefront the importance of elephant conservation. These will soon all be up for auction in Southebys so get hunting now! (you can also buy mini versions in Selfridges)

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