Dreaming of a long ring (!)

When deciding which rings to put on my fingers this morning I suddenly remembered my long ring which I used to wear many moons ago brought from a trusty hippie shop in Brighton. As I can't find this anymore I am on the hunt for a new, more stylish version and am finding it very hard! Help!I am now going to become obsessed to find a ring which travels the length of my finger...hopefully I will find one in San Fransisco whoop!
I have found some but they just aren't 'long' enough!!
The pink ring is from Etsy costing £21
The bottom ring is from Pade Vavra and it costs £80.

When looking for this i found the coolest ring ever...the fingertip garden ring, living jewellery is the way forward! Available on the Etsy website at Adorn Jewelry’s ‘Living Jewelry’ collection, prices start at £15 bargain!

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