ASOS Beauty and The Bloggers Competition

Its great to see that big fashion companies are taking into account the views of the thousands of fashion and beauty bloggers out there and as a thank you ASOS have given us bloggers a chance to win some VIP tickets to their 'ASOS Beauty and The Bloggers' event they are carrying out at the end of the month. Not one to ever miss up on entering a competition I have submitted my ASOS Christmas Beauty look...OK its not that inventive, but why do we have to drag queen our faces up just because its Christmas!!!? My love of 1940's hair rolls and red lips will be with me from Christmas to Summer.
Become a fan of the ASOS facebook page and you can enter the competition as well, there are lots of goodies to be won! (But obviously don't as I want to win...I have to stop being so sharing!!!)

*********P.S I totally won!!! **************

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