BBC Night Out

Went to watch the BBC filming of the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show at BBC Television Centre with my mate Alex, however we did pick one of the worst nights to go as this was the night when the BNP leader Nick Griffin was to be interviewed on Question Time. We had to go into lockdown as the protesters stormed the building and they would not let anyone in or out, it was all very chaotic but also fun! But don't worry mum, we didn't get involved in the protest but just watched from afar!!
In the end the show started an hour late and the guests were Boy George, Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page and comic Tim Minchin. It was great and we got to go into the green room and have some free booze!
We took some pictures of the weird shit which is in the corridors of the BBC, including a dead cat, Telly Tubby Toast and the best thing ever...the original Gordon the Gopher! Brilliant!
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