Maxi Dress Yes or No

The maxi dress is again making a comeback this summer. Whilst only the brave of us wore these last summer we seem a bit more inclined to give it another go this year.
Its a hard look to pull off, you either look like a earth goddess in this or an old frump at a summer wedding! I think the hardest thing to pull of with this look is what you wear when the sun goes in and those bare shoulders are starting to freeze, there are only a few options:

  • A scarf / pashmina (The problem with this is you do actually look like you are coming from a wedding or ball. Basically it looks shit so stop doing it!)

  • The cardigan (Sounds simple but it is actually quiet difficult, a long one will probably swamp you and make it look like your clothes are too big, a short one can work but short cardigans are a bit naff!)

  • Denim jacket / Blazer (I personally think these 2 are the best options when trying to add a top to a maxi dress as it adds a bit of edginess to the floaty dress look) - see Nicole Richie in the picture she pulls it off

I am loving the vintage 70's floral maxi dress in the picture, I found this one on but it had unfortunately been sold already so I'll just have to keep my eye out for another one. Also the 70's pattern is pretty cool, I'll have to get sewing.

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