An old fashioned Halloween

Hello! Sorry I have been away for so so long.

I have moved from London to the bright lights of Manchester so I haven't had time to put my heart into blogging and thought it would be better to wait to post something when I really had thought about it instead of rubbish!
Right here we go...

Now any of you who have been following my blog for a while now will remember my excitement at Halloween and this year is no exception.I have been deliberating for a number of months now as to what my costume should be, so from starting off as wanting to go as Tippi Hedren's character Melanie from the birds and not succeeding at finding any cheap fake black birds (honestly look on the internet they are impossible to find!) I went scouring the Halloween database once more for inspiration.

I like the tradition of Dia del los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico where the friends and families of the dead go to the cemeteries and pray and remember those who they have lost. I think this is a tradition which should be celebrated worldwide, it is so beautiful to celebrate their lives. The friends and families offer sugar skulls, flowers and food as gifts to the altars they make at the graves. So as I think this is a lovely way to celebrate those who have passed I am going as a sugar skull, which basically requires my artistic skills to decorate my face. There are some examples below.

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