nails + booze + the mystery jets = bloody good night

So I attended the Chevrolet Spark Launch Party last night in old Soho town and it turned out to be pretty damn good. There was beer to greet us, a car to spary paint (well through the use of intelligent computer technology stuff), nails to be painted, popcorn, a car DJ booth and of course The Mystery Jets who were bloody great!
This was all because of the Spark Chevrolet Tour which is kicking off this month. Basically its a 'pop up' tour where people vote which venue to have these gigs in which should result in some pretty amazing venues including an old swimming pool and the Mersey Ferry!
I didn't take any pictures as I came straight from work and forgot my camera but here are some I nicked from the Vice website(!).
Then to make the night even more fun we went for a cheeky pint at the John Snow in Soho (if you haven't been there go its very cheap), and chatted to some of the hottest men on earth (I will hunt down the stealth picture we took of them...dreamy!) and watched either a film or TV programme being made and this guy kept being repeatedly run over by a car. Brill.

This guys yellow shirt was so billowy and 90's! Classic!


Wah Nails Car, blam

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