Oh to be Ab Fab

So my flatmate Stella and I think that we are Patsy and Eddie from ab fab and want to model our lives on them! I would be Eddie as I get drunk and put really mismatched awful outfits together and Stella is Patsy as she smokes like a chimney and wears slutty rocker leather clothing (she really wants some leather shorts so if you know where she can get these let me know and I will pass on the info).
These are some inspirations from our idols. Sweetie, darling...

The MotherF***ing Queens!!!

NENEE Moon Pants from Etsy $68

Miu Miu Sparrow Print Mary Janes
£365 (gosh I want these so much they make me ache)

Charlotte Taylor Penguin all in one (price unknown)

Irregular Choice Soho Sunshine Shoes

Vivienne Westwood Baroque Rubber Necklace £85

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